The history of the human race is being suppressed. Welcome to the loop.

Earth Reset: Midjourney

260 years. This is precisely the amount of time that passed between Isaac Newton's conceiving of gravitational theory in 1666 and Dr. Robert H. Goddard's launch of the first ever liquid-fueled rocket in 1926. Apparently all it took was an apple falling from a tree to pique Newton's interest in something we all take for granted which is gravity. It is believed by many that mankind is indebted to his discovery which provided the much needed foundation for space travel. 

Dr. Goddard is known as the father of space exploration, laying the groundwork for our ability to launch rockets into space. The gap between these events as I said, is a mere 260 years.

Karl Benz invented the first car -the Motorwagen in 1866. This was a mere 60 years before Dr. Goddard's epic rocket launch. 

It only took 97 years to go from Alexander Graham Bell's patented telephone to Motorola engineer Martin Cooper's mobile phone. 

And let's not overlook the contribution of Charles Babbage in 1834, the inventor of the first mechanical computer dubbed the Analytic Engine.

Analytic Engine: Wikipedia

Humanity went from using this monstrosity to the founding of the internet in less than 150 years -creating a truly connected global society.

There's been a slew of incredible achievements over the last few centuries. All accomplished by very curious, bright, and diligent human beings. But what's astonishing to me is the short amount of time it took for these accomplishments to be made. 

Which brings me to a conundrum that's plagued me for several years. If so called modern humans have been on the earth for roughly 200,000 years, or was it 300,00 years -the goal post keeps moving- then what were they doing with all of their time before the epoch of productivity including agriculture and farming just a few thousand years ago? I don't buy the argument that our fellow humans -with the same built-in ingenuity as you and I- were simply lounging around, gazing into each other's eyes every day only to become productive when it was time to hunt for sustenance. And you shouldn't buy it either.

Now, before I go any further let me first level set concerning the origin of life because I believe it's an important piece of the discussion. It is here -the beginning- where indoctrination of the highest order starts. 

In our day the definition of life is slippery, meaning different things to different people. So when we speak about the origin of life on our planet, single-celled organisms count as life and to others they don’t. We see this conundrum surrounding the abortion issue. If a drunk driver kills an unborn baby the act is defined as murder. If a doctor performs an abortion, the act is called medical care. Yet, both end life prematurely. This kind of cognitive dissonance is a result of falling victim to psychological warfare. Deception and confusion are dark arts necessary to influence people's behaviors and thought processes -to the extent people will operate as walking contradictions. Many people can't even recognize the incoherence in their belief concerning the definition of human life, or life in general. It's akin to saying water is wet and dry at the same time and failing to recognize the contradictory nature of the claim. Much of what we know about life is built on this type of warfare.

Secular scientists have forever been attempting to explain how life arose on earth. Going as far as believing in abiogenesis which posits life could have arose from non-life. They'll even go as far as using terms that fall under the umbrella of intelligent life -replication of cells, eating, digesting, communicating, metabolizing and storing energy. But never once describe the origin of the impetus for these actions which point to survival. In short, there's purpose behind the actions. This is indisputable. For some reason life desperately wants to exist. And the odds of life existing at all is akin to winning the lottery while getting struck by lightning at the same time.

Ilya Prigogine, a recipient of two Nobel Prizes in chemistry once said:

The statistical probability that organic structures and the most precisely harmonized reactions that typify living organisms would be generated by accident, is zero. - Physics Today 25, pp. 23-28

Fast forward to the year 2020 and not surprisingly we've come up with new innovative ways to increase the odds because the answer zero isn't something many scientists are willing to accept. Why? Because this acceptance bears with it existential consequences. 

See this quote from Discovery:

The researchers had to pick a particular model to describe the chances of life and intelligence appearing on the planet. And the particular model that they picked assumes that there is a constant chance in any given chunk of time for life and intelligence to appear. What we don't know is that constant chance. It could be that once conditions are favorable, life has a 10% chance of appearing in any given hundred million years. Or 90%. Or 1%. And likewise, for intelligence.

This is more of the same slow drip psyop work. Researchers essentially stack the odds in their favor -building from assumptions and then start with a proposition of favorable conditions in order to leap to a better probability. Then like that...the zero is gone. Easy peasy. This becomes the new position on the statistical probability of life originating on its own by chance and over time the zero will be forgotten. Never mind the horrible leaps taken to arrive at this new conclusion such as excluding the fact that one must account for the statistical probability of favorable conditions existing before life even has a chance to randomly develop on its own.

I haven't even mentioned the best part. The fact that information such as DNA exists to be decoded by cells communicates the idea of intelligence. Intelligence precedes communication. Described simplistically, every human has what can be equated to little nanobytes zipping throughout their entire body decoding information and following instructions. The end result is you, a very complex human known to the world by the gene expressions that took place and are continuing to take place as you operate within your given environment. With all of that being said, I don't believe in ideas such as abiogenesis or macroevolution but I do believe humans have been on the planet for several millennia. Several, several millennia. And I think there's good evidence for this. Which brings me back to my point.

Gaps in knowledge

Looking at the achievements man has accomplished in such short order, I find it incredibly hard to believe that "modern" humans have lived on this planet for nearly 200,000 years but didn't decide until recently to become highly productive. Not only do I struggle with this idea, there are other signs that something is clearly off in the "matrix". A very simple example is our ignorance as it relates to knowing what foods are the healthiest. How have we lived for 200,000 years yet it's not common knowledge that spinach is horrible for you and shouldn't be eaten by humans. Why is the human race becoming diseased and dying from illness instead of living into a nice old age? How did middle-age become old-age? You can see my previous article for more on our plight.

What's also interesting to me, is the amount we don't know about ancient humanity. As a child, I remember the theories about space aliens being responsible for building the great pyramids of Egypt. You'd think that for one of the greatest wonders of the entire known world the how would have been passed down -verbally or encapsulated in stone or papyrus. But what I believe is even more important than the how, is the why. While much focus often goes towards the ancient Egyptians, the art of building ancient pyramids as sacred spaces isn't unique to them. 

Pyramid building for sacred purposes was a global phenomena. Believe it or not, there is a reason why ancient civilizations chose pyramids as a design and it has nothing to do with safety or ensuring the structure was sound. The reason behind it undoubtedly isn't what you'd think but I'll share it at another time. Right now, just ponder how a disconnected, non-global society, living in ancient times somehow managed to share the same exact design exclusively for sacred purposes.

For mysteries of the past that have been captured in some shape or form we have a tendency today to chalk everything up to myths until we -the assumed smarter and more intelligent civilization- can explain what all of the ancient, crazy, goat herders were doing. Instead of borrowing from their knowledge and wisdom to truly understand humanity we make assumptions about their past through our modern day understanding and then force the burden of proof upon them. Anything old must be false. Anything new must be true.

For example, there are a multitude of stories from different ancient people groups concerning a global flood. Because its difficult to understand how this could have happened, over the years many scientists have claimed it must be a myth until we can find the evidence. The irony is the lack of observable evidence for macroevolution, the formation of the planet or abiogenesis. That minor point aside, is it mere coincidence that this one event is accounted for in a lot of ancient Mesopotamian literature such as Enuma Elish (“The Epic of Creation”), the Eridu Genesis, the Tale of Adapa, the Sumerian King List, Atrahasis, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta which all contain close parallels to Genesis 1–11. Or maybe, we're the ones in the dark. And maybe, we're in the dark because every so often the earth goes through a bit of a reset period. At times bringing humanity close to extinction -burying earth's previous secrets each time. The earth is very fluid and dynamic. It isn't immutable. This is evident by looking at the Continental Drift Theory.

Extraterrestrial impacts

If this sounds far-fetched, let us observe a phenomena that literally rocked the earth over 12,000 years ago. It is believed around this time a comet hit or exploded above the earth with enough impact to shift the climate of the entire northern hemisphere, sending the earth into a 1200 year global cooling from a period of global warming. A mini ice age.

Younger Dryas Temperature Changes: Wikipedia

This was discovered due to scientist’s ability to extract ice cores from the summit of Greenland's ice sheet which was over 2 miles deep. The data revealed patterns of temperature oscillations. Notice the graphs below. Spikes to the right denote warming where spikes to the left denote cooling.

Greenland Ice Core Isotopes

This impact event is believed to be the cause behind the Younger Dryas period which effectively wiped out the entire Clovis Paleo-Indians -the dominate people group in North America- as well as the Pleistocene Megafauna which resided in the western hemisphere. 

YDB Impact Field: Volker Dietrich

Initially, many in the scientific community rejected the idea of this being plausible, however, recently there's been much evidence to support what was initially just a hypothesis. As cited in the 2007 journal - Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling. This event radically changed the globe. 

In this paper, we provide evidence for an extraterrestrial (ET) impact event at ≅12.9 ka, which we hypothesize caused abrupt environmental changes that contributed to YD cooling, major ecological reorganization, broad-scale extinctions, and rapid human behavioral shifts at the end of the Clovis Period. - Firestone et al.

The impact event forced the world into a quick cooling period -likely due to sulfur, soot and other toxins blocking the sun from fires. The impact is believed to have depleted the ozone layer -allowing deadly UV radiation to reach the earth, poisoning many of earth's creatures. 

This event would have also created what's known as a feedback loop as water vapor and large amounts of ice at high altitudes would be sent into the atmosphere, creating persistent cloudiness and noctilucent clouds -clouds that shine at night. This in turn would continue to provide cooling to the earth due to the reduced sunlight and persistent cloudiness. This extinction level event is also believed to have destabilized the Laurentide Ice Sheet that covered most of Canada and North America, causing 7 billion cubit meters of ice to break apart and later melt, triggering the cooling event. 

Evidence exists for what appears to have been a great flood in North America. It is apparent that massive amounts of destructive water tore through the continent carving out giant river valleys. However, evidence of the same type of destruction also exists in other places throughout the world such as North Africa, Australia, Siberia, Mongolia and parts of the Middle East. All dated as taking place during the time the giant ice sheets existed over North America. 

The Incredibles: One of The Best Animated Movies Ever. Fight me.

The evidence adds up considering the many ancient stories from around the world that speak of a global flood. It appears that as we continue to push into the future, scientists are learning more about the ancient past. However, the past has already spoken. The problem is our modern day hubris. We live in a time where we are convinced we are the advanced civilization and everyone before us were ignorant goat herders or grunting cave dwellers. We're royalty. They were the peasants.

False sense of progression

However, I fully believe there were advanced civilizations that lived many thousands of years ago. And I reject the notion that the path to our current state of civilization can be represented by hockey stick growth. If I were to chart this out, I believe the progression of human civilization might look a lot less like an upward linear trend and instead look more like a sideways trend -giving us a false sense of overall progression of human civilization. My speculation is that humanity rises and falls and the declines are a result of near extinction level events, trapping previous histories within the earth’s rubble, forcing what looks like a restart of technological advancements. I don't have proof for this idea, but I think the evidence we do have certainly leans in this direction. I believe this accounts for our massive gaps in knowledge about our own race and creation in general.

If this sounds a bit hard to believe, realize we have an ancient account of a global reset with the flood story. And when you think a bit more deeply about ancient human history, more questions arise such as why it took almost 200,000 years before humans moved towards agriculture - just 12,000 years ago. Which coincidently -according to the latest evidence- is precisely the time an apocalyptic event took place on earth. But what evidence exists to assume no human was farming before this event took place? The truth is, any evidence that did exist, would have been wiped out along with those who lived at the time of this event. This issue becomes even more interesting when -according to MIT scientists- complex life has been on the earth for over 2 billion yearsand yet the industrial revolution kicked off only 300 years ago.

This event sounds like a period of resetting, not a period of random light bulb moments after nearly 200,000 years of modern man living on earth as bunch of grunting sloths. If I was a betting man, I'd say we're all being kept in the dark about the human race while being force-fed a fictional story about our existence.

Back in 2013 I remember when news broke about humans co-existing with dinosaurs. This research was headed by Mary Schweitzer who had been contesting for years this was true. The scientific community scoffed and came up with their own hypothesis as to how Tyrannosaurus rex soft tissue could be preserved for millions of years to combat her findings. This was a common game that was played and really is still being played today by many members of the scientific community. Evidence is found, then the secular scientific community -terrified the evidence would lend credence to a biblical or supernatural account of the world- would quickly invent a new hypothesis to rebuttal the evidence. Yet here we are in 2023 and there is still more evidence pouring out that yes, humans did in fact live with dinosaurs. But wait. Didn't the dinos go extinct 65 million years ago?

Even this begs a question. If pre-modern humans arrived after dinosaurs -arriving 2 million years ago- how is it that we evolved at such break neck speed from single-celled organisms to become the complex creatures of today? Shouldn't the descendants of surviving dinosaurs such as the bird or their close relatives -the crocodile or alligator- be more highly evolved than us as they were here millions of years before mankind? How did they get stuck in evolutionary park enabling humans to arrive millions of years later from a different ancestor and become the apex predators? 

Fact: Evolving actually means loss of genetic information for the purposes of adaption and hopeful survival. Not addition of genetic information sourced from the ether. The term evolution is purposely deceptive.

When you think more critically about what you've been taught the incoherence becomes apparent. It's one of the reasons why many people believe that ancient, advanced civilizations or aliens once roamed the earth. It's not because they're all crazy. It's because what we've been taught isn't adding up and there's bits and pieces of evidence that make this clear.

One of the biggest proponents of the theory that an advanced civilization existed before the end of the ice age is Graham Hancock. He's a British journalist who is often described by the scientific community as someone who pushes nothing more than pseudoscientific theories. He's constantly attacked for what he posits because it goes against the establishment but so was Mary Schweitzer almost 20 years ago. A quote from the Scientific American says this about Hancock:

Fourth, Hancock has spent decades in his vision quest to find the sages who brought us civilization.Yet decades of searching have failed to produce enough evidence to convince archaeologists that the standard timeline of human history needs major revision. Hancock's plaint is that mainstream science is stuck in a uniformitarian model of slow, gradual change and so cannot accept a catastrophic explanation.

Well, let me share something of interest in regards to Hancock's quest for these sages. 

The Babylonians believed in a group of divine beings called the apkallus. The apkallus were sages -possessors of great knowledge. These beings are also mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. But also, ancient Jewish literature mention these same beings but they were called the Sons of God - divine beings that left their supernatural domain. They cohabitated with the women on earth and corrupted the planet by spawning giants known as the Nephilim. The Sons of God are responsible for teaching things to humanity it wasn't supposed to know which led to a pollution of all creation. Ancient Jewish literature deemed these beings as evil. The Babylonians believed some were good -because they helped established their massive kingdom- while a great many were evil. Here is a quote from On the Origin of Watchers: A Comparative Study of the Antediluvian Wisdom in Mesopotamian and Jewish Traditions:

“Mesopotamia had several versions of the story of a catastrophic flood, complete with a large boat that saves animals and humans. They include mention of a group of sages (the apkallus), possessors of great knowledge, in the period before the flood. These apkallus were divine beings. Many apkallus were considered evil; those apkallus are integral to Mesopotamian demonology. After the flood, offspring of the apkallus were said to be human in descent (i.e., having a human parent) and “two-thirds apkallu.” In other words, the apkallus mated with human women and produced quasi-divine offspring.”

These offspring were known as the Nephilim -giants that inhabited the lands promised to Abraham's -the patriarch of the Jewish faith- seed. In the bible Joshua leads a conquest against these giants to wipe them all out to accrue the land. Should we just chalk that up to coincidence and mythology? Many people do.

Here's the problem with "modern" science as it relates to unearthing our ancient past. It operates at the exclusion of what our human ancestors have reported. The default position is to assume all written documentation that could be of a religious or spiritual nature to be stories of mythology, grandiose fictitious character development or musings of imaginations from old men getting high off toxic plants. All stories are deemed false, until we -the modern day wizards- deem them credible by our standards based off what we can find buried beneath the rubble of an ever morphing planet. If we don’t find what we want, then it must not be true. If you want to know what true hubris is, now you know. And if you want to know how and why history can ever repeat itself, now you know.

I'm hoping you're catching the theme here. The earth has been attempting to communicate the truth of our existence for thousands of years, yet there appears to be tension in exposing this truth. A pushing back against the revelation of its truth. Maybe better described as a suppression of truth until the dam breaks and the lies can't be held back any longer.

Like Graham Hancock and many others I believe the truth is buried within the earth. While I don't believe the planet was previously inhabited by space aliens or advanced lizard people I do believe it's possible the planet has endured a resetting and possibly multiple resets of human civilization caused by near extinctions. This could explain the massive gaps in our knowledge about pre-human civilizations and quite frankly creation in general.

I also believe that by simply looking at the direction we're headed in - increasingly diseased humans- we could be potentially moving towards another extinction level event before we know it. If you know anything about the biblical flood account, the earth was flooded because all life had become corrupt. The flood was a means of preservation and purification. That might be a story for another time. 

Until then, we all should continue to question everything and think more critically about what we know and why.