It's time to question everything we know about our lives, including what it means to be human.

Population Control
Source: Midjourney

I've spent the last few days pondering over some of the challenges that are currently assailing the human race. Case in point, hardly a day goes by that we're not inundated with news concerning global warming and its apocalyptic threat of cataclysmic destruction -ending all life. And while I believe the earth is warming -just as it's warmed and cooled in the past- I don't subscribe to what I believe is nothing more than an assault on the human race to further control its population through environmental initiatives. These are simply the "giants" at it again.

And if the threat of global warming isn't a large enough enemy, the human race is also facing a global health crisis. However, this is a concern I believe is an actual crisis and not something that is disingenuously fabricated as another lever to control humanity. Yet I'd be remiss if I didn't state that I believe the health crisis is conjured by evil forces working behind the scenes of the human race. Contrary to popular belief we weren't always this ill. Humans are in fact becoming more diseased despite novel ideas such as the introduction of the exercise boon that launched in the 1970s. A 1977 New York times quote sums it up nicely:

The new conventional wisdom—that strenuous exercise is good for you—has propelled millions of Americans into an exercise explosion.

That's right. We didn't always exercise. What's also interesting is that 10 years prior to the boon everyone was indoctrinated with the idea that strenuous exercise was bad for your health. Athletes were the only one's known for pushing their bodies to the extreme for the specific purposes of excelling in their sport. Prior to 1970, the average Joe wouldn't be caught dead grinding out a 5-mile run before their 6 a.m. oatmeal and muffin breakfast, to be later followed by their morning commute. The truth is the entire concept of exercise is really a new invention.

On the heals of the exercise boon came the 1980 institution of Dietary Guidelines. Americans were told how we must eat in order to be healthy despite no known health crisis previous to this ingenious level of indoctrination. Everyone was encouraged to eat more of the foods that had been previously limited in the human diet; sugar, grains, nuts, seeds, plants and seed oils. This created the obesity epidemic I mentioned in my last article - The Human Race is Under Assault.

Early-onset cancers – those diagnosed before age 50 – began rising worldwide around 1990. - University Hospitals

What I didn't mention in that article is the rise in cancer cases that started just a decade after the dietary guidelines were instituted. Fast forward to today and people are getting cancer at earlier ages which has created an epidemic for youngerindividuals. And while people may argue cancer is not a "man-made" disease, I don't think it takes a genius to realize man is causing it.

Unfortunately, in order to fight back against the health crisis -like chickens with no heads- the general population is running around attempting to seek out the next fad diet, exercise program, supplement or miracle drug from Big Pharma -which is what Big Pharma wants. The chief problem with all of this is that most of the modern advice -which clearly isn't working- is predicated on junk science. Yes, junk scienceNutrition science is and has always been broken, unbeknownst to many. The general public has been lied to about nutrition for decades. 

As I continued to ponder the maladies that have infected our world, I also started thinking about the habits and practices we've picked up in more modern years. Things that might seem trite but I think warrant further investigation. For instance, why do we -humans- who are of the mammalian class need toothpaste? What would be the evolutionary advantage of tooth decay? Why isn't this an issue that plagues all mammals? Another oddity is the use of cosmetics such as lotions, shampoos and deodorants. Again, what would be the evolutionary advantage of needing such things? Another thing to ponder is why we bathe every day, scrubbing our skin with harsh chemicals as if we've all just left a coal mine. Destroying the very much needed beneficial bacteria that staves off the harmful bacteria within the skin's microbiome. Yet, many people come home to pets -animals that roll around and walk around on only God knows what- that they bathe maybe once a month. Why have we adopted such ideas and under what authority? What has happened to the human genome that now causes us to require such maintenance while at the same time becoming more diseased?

This becomes more perplexing when you think about the similarities constantly drawn between other animals and the human race. According to macroevolutionary science all living organisms are derived from the same primordial soup. Yet, humans, who are the most intelligent and supposedly most advanced living creature require all kinds of upkeep for some reason. And the upkeep is getting worse. Don't believe me? Just look at the rise in the need for prescription glasses. According to the World Economic Forum, half of the planet is projected to need glasses by 2050

Half the planet! That's less than 30 years from now. Let me make this plain. This means the human race is losing its eyesight.

Here's something else to think about. If humans existed with these sorts of ill conditions 100,000 years ago we would have gone extinct by now. This means, contrary to the indoctrination machine that loves to peddle fantasies about human achievements, feats and scientific discoveries to gas our heads up and distract us, we are actually regressing as a species. And because we are regressing, we’re in a race against extinction to find solutions to the problems we continue to create. And we're losing. I'm not sure most people are even aware we are losing because the indoctrination is so strong. All of this is very Orwellian. 

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” - George Orwell, 1984

A few days ago I had conversation with a friend of mine that was of an existential nature. Part of our discussion veered into the respect and care the Native Americans had -and have- for the earth. And they weren't the only ones. The idea of respecting and being in sync with the earth stretches back to ancient humanity. Simply look at the story of how ancient Israel was promised sacred land from their God, Yahweh. There's even a story of a Syrian commander -Naaman- who took soil from Israel's land back to his hometown to worship Yahweh. The soil was believed to be supernatural in nature. One could also look at the ancient Egyptians who were also known for their intimate bond with nature.

A respect for the earth and essentially all of creation was practically built into the very fabric of our human DNA from the beginning. The book of Genesis captures a decree given to the human race concerning our role on this planet.

26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” - Genesis 1:26 (ESV)

The decree given defines the purpose of mankind. We're not some spin-off from the primordial soup but instead an apex creature that is to rule the earth and all things in it. I believe there is a very real bond between humanity and the rest of creation. And I also believe that humans were given a very real, but now forgotten cosmic sense of creation so we could steward the earth in ways that best benefit all living creatures and avoid extinction. This cosmic sense can be thought of as our way-finding device to keep us properly oriented and in tune with our world. Other animals -not that we are animals- use their own senses to feel about their domains and to stay safe as well, but on a smaller scale.

This brings me to a conversation I recently had with my wife -who homeschools our children- about biology and the amazing abilities some creatures have. Take the godwit bird that annually flies more than 7000 miles from southern Alaska to New Zealand without stopping, or even flapping its wings. It is believed these birds use a process called quantum entanglement that enables them to "sense" the magnetic lines within the earth. They somehow have built-in GPS, always returning to the same spots each year without getting lost. Incredibly remarkable. Now, think about our society that relies heavily on GPS technology and can no longer read a map or navigate land marks. We can barely remember phone numbers anymore. While other animals -and I'd argue creatures in general- are able to sense their domain so they may navigate it, we've lost this ability.

I believe the cause is due in part to the fact we're no longer in sync with the earth or have a respect for ancient humanity. We've spent the last few thousand years creating technology that has drawn a line between us and nature. For example, because of all of the fear mongering about skin cancer people are now so afraid of the sun we're facing a global epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency which leads to more illnesses. What would be the evolutionary advantage of not being able to stay under the sun without sunscreen lotion? Why is this now an issue?

This leads me to the conclusion that in our desire to create technology to advance the human race -whatever that even means- we've disconnected ourselves from our world and are now regressing. To me, the phrase "human advancement" is just a bastion for the word profit. People today don't even know what food they should be eating and are relying on some authority figure with academic certifications to tell them. Meanwhile, illnesses are off the charts. The human body appears to be degrading. People are panicking about the world burning up and everyone is now afraid to spend time in the sun. And in our hubris to create greater efficiencies at scale we can no longer "sense" when our world is moving in the wrong direction. We can't sense that something is terribly wrong. We're worse than the animals who can detect when a natural disaster is about to strike. However, us, we're completely in the dark in our own home. We have no idea as to what's coming because we're still too busy believing the indoctrinationthat everything is fine. Despite the data that is right in front of us all.

“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.” - George Orwell, 1984

Regaining this cosmic sense starts with asking many more questions. And I'd argue it starts with questioning everything and not just going along with the status quo. Questioning even things that seem trivial such as fluoride boosted toothpaste. We all need to ask why we are doing the things we're doing as a human race? Why are we listening to who we're listening to? What authority do they have and from whom? We also need to remember the humans of our ancient past were not ignorant goat herders. They were people just as intelligent - I'd argue more intelligent- as us with much less technology yet solved incredible problems. We need to ask how is it, that the human race is on the trajectory of regression, if modern man is so much more enlightened and advanced than our ancient ancestors? I know one thing. Pride always comes before a fall.

I believe all creatures have a cosmic sense but they function differently within their respective domains. Humans are the apex creatures of the earth but even better put, the rulers of the entire earthly domain. Our cosmic, survival sense is to be used to govern the entire earth and its creatures but first it needs to be turned back on. We should know when our house is under assault or when the people in our homes are falling ill. Unfortunately, we appear to be so bad at our job that we're exploring other planets to inhabit so that we may abandon earth in the event of cataclysmic failure. No other creature in the animal kingdom would ever simply give up their domain. Can you imagine birds avoiding the skies? 

Regaining our cosmic sense starts with questioning everything and learning what it means to truly be human. It is a natural and supernatural affair. It is not this fabricated illusion of the advanced modern man, birthed out of primordial soup from the kitchen of chance. Failure to start questioning everything will continue to lead humanity into extinction. So comrade, it’s time to start questioning.