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Terrence Covin

Terrence Covin

I'm a husband and father of 5 children. I’ve been involved in ministry in some shape or form for what seems like my whole life. I've had the opportunity to open air preach, bring people to know Christ at abortion clinics and teach in jails. I also used to produce an apologetic podcast called UpNorth Kingdom.

Growing up I always had an insatiable appetite for learning and I've always believed in God due to some pretty horrific things I experienced during my childhood concerning demonic activity. And it's those experiences coupled with how God wired me for learning that caused me to struggle with traditional Christianity for most of my walk.

I knew the spiritual realm was created and put into operation differently than what is traditionally taught to believers. I also wrestled with the lack of biblical examination found in the Church today that is necessary to understand the true biblical narrative.

The gaps of incoherence are easily realized when we observe the continual defection of believers from Christianity in the west. I've talked to, taught, and engaged apologetically with countless people over the years to unfortunately find many, many people -believers and non-believers- simply don't understand the basics of the biblical narrative; who is God, what is the supernatural landscape, how does the supernatural world operate, why were we created, why did Jesus come and why is there evil?

Supernatural is my way to help people come to know God's narrative of all creation and how to live within that story.


If you'd like to reach out feel free to shoot me an email.

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