It was necessary for God to create Eve

Adam existed in a state of incompleteness and both God and Adam were aware of this. In fact Adam yearned for a partner, for someone else to be created so he would not be the only human.

At last

Often when we reflect on the story of man’s creation much attention is given to Adam. This is completely expected considering Adam was the first human created, sourced from the earth’s very own ground and breathed into by God. All of humanity can be traced back to this one man. But there’s a part of Adam’s story that doesn’t normally receive much attention and I believe it should. Why? Because like everything that God has done, when we dig a bit deeper we are prone to uncover treasures that are often overlooked.

While we may awe over the creation of Adam and his ability to tend Eden he was truly a creature that felt incomplete. When you think about this, it seems a bit odd. To walk with God and not feel totally complete. The only logical conclusion one can reach is Adam’s incompleteness was by design. It was no accident that Adam found himself feeling alone.

As God tackled each day over the course of a week, He declared His work to be good. However, despite this declaration which was also made on the sixth day - the day man was created - God acknowledged that the state man was in could be improved upon. This was by design.

Adam existed in a state of incompleteness and both God and Adam were aware of this. In fact Adam yearned for a partner, for someone else to be created so he would not be the only human. So he would not be alone in his kind. I’m wiling to bet that Adam had observed the divine and natural order God created, bearing witness to divine and natural beings that were not alone and felt out of place. Let’s recap a little bit about what we know up to this point.

We know that God wasn’t alone. Remember Genesis 1:26 and what we covered? The term “let us” and how we are dealing with a first-person, plural imperative since “us” isn’t a word that exists in the original Hebrew text for this verse. The text implies “we”. So there were other divine beings that existed in Eden that God was communicating with. We also know that Satan - a divine being - had access to Eden and he was created as a cherub (Ezekiel 28:16). And Satan is not the only cherub created. We know this because God placed what may in fact be an army of cherubim - plural - to guard the east point of Eden when Adam and Eve were expelled (Genesis 3:24).

But these are just the divine creatures. God had also created natural, earthly creatures such as birds, livestock, fish and creeping things that Adam had to name. So all around Adam were creatures that came in pairs, flocks or swarms. Ultimately not alone in their kind. Adam, was clearly different. And Adam desired to not be the only one. How do we know this? Because scripture tells us!

Genesis 2:23 (ESV)

Did you catch that? As Adam defines Eve as Woman, he declares “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. At last! Adam had been waiting for this moment. The creation of Eve was not a surprise to Adam. However it was something he had longed for. Finally, Adam had a companion that was like him! He was no longer just man, presiding over a garden filled with other creatures that enjoyed the gift of similar company. Adam now had a partner to talk to at all times of the day and night. He had someone that he could confide in and relate to. At last. Adam was excited for the creation of woman. Adam was made complete.


Genesis 2:20 (ESV)

God was completely aware that Adam did not have a companion that would suit him. In fact, He went so far as to say it was not good for man to be alone.

Genesis 2:18 (ESV)

Despite the criticism that usually befalls Eve due to her being deceived by Satan, she deserves much credit. Adam existed in a state that was not healthy and he was aware of it. I can imagine Adam feeling as if a weight was lifted off of him when Eve arrived. God declared the loneliness of man to be a bad thing and I don’t believe He stumbled across this conclusion. This was by design.

We can deduce that Adam’s state was purposely crafted from the fact God Himself enjoys relationship and therefore He created beings He could be in relationship with. Now, I don’t want to go too deep here because God needs no one since He’s God. However, let’s remember while God needs no one He also exists in three, separate, self-existing egos we refer to as the state of the Trinity. What I’m saying is, as God the Father exists, He exists in relationship with God the Son and God the Spirit. Adam was also created in God’s image which means Adam would desire relationship. God is a relational being!

Eve who is ascribed as the mother of all living was made to complete the creation work of humanity. The final piece which was the establishment of human relationship. It's vital to realize the creation of mankind did not start and end with Adam, with Eve being nothing more than a nice addition to God’s handiwork. No, it started with Adam and ended with Eve. For what is man without woman? And what is woman without man? To negate the necessity of their oneness is to proclaim what is bad to be good! To believe neither truly need each other in any society or culture is to blaspheme God’s divine work. It is to tear at the very fabric of what it means to be human. To assert one as better than the other is to lay claim to God’s throne and play the divine arbiter of life. Man needs woman and Eve was necessary to complete God’s work in man. It was only after Eve was created did God explicitly declare Adam’s state to be good. And not only does man need woman, woman also needs man. For who is Eve without Adam’s rib?

God gave us each other - man and woman - for a divine purpose. While Eve was provided to help man to exist in a better state as a human, this one act also revealed something special about our Creator - God loves and desires relationship. He recognizes the importance of it and gifted it to us so we may enjoy it with each other as well as with Him. The wonderful creation of woman - Eve - helps us to see just how much God values relationships and their necessity for man and woman - humanity - to truly know what relationship means.