A Godless Society Requires the Sacrifice of Children to the gods

What is unfortunate about our modern day society is our inability to understand our ancient past.

Baal Sacrifice

Welcome to another edition of SUPERNATURAL.

I actually had something else in mind for this edition but in light of the recent events that took place at Covenant School I decided to pivot to a subject that is immeasurable in terms of importance. I won't get into the typical narratives surrounding mass shootings as that really isn't my style. I've always been more concerned with what's taking place beyond the veil of distraction. My position is that what took place at Covenant School isn't about gender wars, guns or liberals vs. conservatives. I view those narratives as created, controlled chaos. What I believe took place at Covenant School -and as we've seen across America over the years- was an attack on God and His supremacy. Trapped in the middle of this war is us -humans. Within the chaos and distractions a spiritual war is waging.

What is unfortunate about our modern day society is our inability to understand our ancient past. The events captured in the Bible and within other ancient source materials seem so distant that they can be read almost as fiction. Or at best, stories written from people who were almost non-human because their ideas appear to be so far-fetched. It is a sad reality, but it is our reality. The past never stays still. It is why we all attempt to not repeat it. Because it is always there waiting for us to let our guard down. I believe our guard has been dropped for over a millennium. And I am 100% convinced that our past is coming to destroy us.

God's Supremacy

The Bible is flooded with examples of God's supremacy being challenged. It's been a major theme since the beginning of time. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the creation story isn't a scientific play-by-play explainer to help us understand how life came to be. The creation story is better interpreted and understood as a declaration to God's supremacy. It is a statement for all creation -including the supernatural beings- to know God is responsible for all things that exist. He is the arbiter of life. Any other being trying to claim His title or His work is a fraud. The declaration was given because God -Yahweh- has always had his supremacy challenged.

God's supremacy being challenged is a theme that starts in Eden where we get the fall. We see more rebellion in Genesis 6 with the sons of God event. And again at the Tower of Babel where God divorces humanity (see Deuteronomy 32:8) due to more rebellion. He subsequently keeps a portion to Himself later known as Israel and distributes the rest to other sons of God -elohim man would rather serve. Most people are familiar with the Exodus event -the cosmic battle between the gods of Egypt and Yahweh. We also can't forget about Job and "the satan" -an elohim and adversary- challenging Yahweh's way of ruling. And we can't forget about God fully manifesting Himself as Jesus where we get a glimpse of Him physically warring against rebellious supernatural deities. The book of Revelation ends with Jesus establishing His supremacy against them.

This is the backdrop all things in creation rest against. If you forget ancient human history, if you miss the patterns, the past will come to eat you. Israel -which was a model for humanity's relationship with Yahweh- consistently made this mistake. This mistake would eventually cost them their land and identity.

So you may be wondering what school shootings have to do with any of this. Well, children are a critical asset in spiritual warfare. They are necessary sacrificial lambs for rebellious gods. If a society desires to be "godless" in pursuit of prosperity and complete freedom, they must sacrifice their future to appease the gods that will deliver it.


Have you ever wondered why Abraham was so quick to sacrifice his own son? Or why God -Yahweh- would even ask such a thing? We like to think it all boiled down to a test of Abraham's faith. And while Yahweh was testing him, we have to realize what a holy, righteous, loving God was requiring -that a human would murder their own innocent child simply to prove their faithfulness.

Abraham could respond in obedience -in part- because sacrificing children was a normative practice in the ancient near east. This wasn't a foreign idea to him. Yahweh didn't attempt to change how humanity operated. And just like today, Yahweh operated through the existing cultural milieu but with a spin to show He was unique from the other elohim.

Abraham didn't descend from a line of Yahweh worshippers. In fact, the book of Joshua tells us he descended from pagans. Yahweh called Abraham out from his pagan family:

Joshua 24:2–3 (ESV)

2 And Joshua said to all the people, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Long ago, your fathers lived beyond the Euphrates, Terah, the father of Abraham and of Nahor; and they served other gods. 3 Then I took your father Abraham from beyond the River and led him through all the land of Canaan, and made his offspring many. I gave him Isaac.

The entire idea of child sacrifice wasn't new to Abraham. And in 2 Kings, the wicked king Ahaz followed this practice and scripture tells us that it was picked up from nations outside of Israel.

2 Kings 16:3 (ESV)

3 but he walked in the way of the kings of Israel. He even burned his son as an offering, according to the despicable practices of the nations whom the Lord drove out before the people of Israel.

Child sacrifice was a practice that dates back as early as the Bronze Age. Many ancient cultures have been guilty of this practice to include the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas and many more. Oftentimes adults were offered up as sacrifices as well. The point of sacrificing humans was to encourage the gods to move in a favorable way towards its worshippers, delivering prosperity in all areas of life. It is unfortunate that our modern day society has lost the truth that ancient societies held -these gods are real. They weren't figments of their imagination.

I'm often amazed at those who think the ancient near east was full of people so deficient in intelligence that they believed in killing their loved ones for imaginary beings. Yet today, people argue prayer does not work because God doesn't answer consistently. Expectations are often not met so doubt ensues. So I find it hard to believe these people would not have noticed the inconsistent nature of imaginary gods delivering on their promises. And that they would be fine with taking that losing bet with the lives of their loved ones, knowing the gods were inconsistent anyway. To believe this just elucidates the hubris of modern day society.

Child Sacrificing in the OT

A good example of child sacrifice lies in the Exodus account. As the gods of Egypt were warring against Yahweh via the plagues, Egypt's firstborn sons were essentially sacrificed due to Pharoah's stubbornness. I'll explain.

The angel of death's mission was to kill every firstborn child in the land - to include Israel's - but Yahweh provided a plan of protection which we know as the passover -painting the doorposts with blood. The protection was cover for Israel's firstborn sons. This kept the angel of death away.

It's important to note that in ancient Egypt it was believed that Pharoahs existed as vessels for the god Horus. And it was the Pharaoh who was responsible for keeping the balance of creation within the cosmos -known as maat- which if kept provided fertility for the Egyptian people and the ability to prosper as a society.  Pharaoh was willing to put Egypt's firstborn son's lives on the line in order to keep maat and serve their gods. Pharoah essentially betted with the live's of Egypt's children.

Up until this point the warring between the gods of Egypt and Yahweh was very public. I don't think it is beyond reason to assume the Egyptians would have been inquiring about the bloody doorposts on every Israelite home.  And because in order to keep the cosmic balance of creation all Egyptians would have to operate in unity in serving their gods, so I don't believe it is beyond reason to assume they would have opted out of what the Israelites were doing, of course with a bit of trepidation. But what we see in this historic event are children being slotted as the sacrificial lambs of society for the greater good. In that day, Pharoahs had no problem killing children to appease the gods. Remember Moses narrowly escaped death as a baby. The end result was Yahweh besting the gods of Egypt.

Today we continue to appease the gods through child sacrifice. Most people don't see it that way because we no longer understand the architecture of the cosmos. There's a supernatural fabric woven in between our physical world that is largely responsible for its state and direction.

Today there are no names for the gods that receive society's sacrifices because these beings operate differently. We live in a different time and if you know anything about the spiritual realm its inhabitants don't seek to change culture or society. They operate within the age. This leaves humanity culpable for its own sins.

Our modern age is stuck on hubris because of our technological advancements. And through the tools we create, rebellious beings -the demonic- are able to perpetuate human sacrificing as we seek prosperity and ultimate freedom. And the cost we must pay is our children.

Child Sacrifice

So how does this play out? It plays itself out through a few ways. The first is abortion. Since the Roe v. Wade decision over 63 million babies have been murdered in their mother's womb. And while you may typically hear certain objections cast from vocal abortion advocates -such as rape or life endangerment- know that over 95% of abortions are simply out of convenience. Convenience creates opportunity for prosperity in the minds of those who sacrifice the lives of their children. It's precisely what those in the ancient near east were after. And it goes against God's decree to be fruitful and multiply (see Genesis 1:28). Meaning, it serves the will of the lesser elohim -not Yahweh- in an attempt to receive this prosperity and freedom.

To make matters worse there's a decline in fertility rates across the globe. In countries that are considered more developed people are birthing less children. Some countries such as Japan are pushing themselves to extinction. This shouldn't be surprising since we've all been hearing that the earth is overpopulated and for us to achieve greater prosperity as a human race we must "depopulate". We must sacrifice the future.

But it isn't just abortion that is assailing our children. Pornography is as well. This is a 90 billion dollar industry. Unbeknownst to most parents, the average age a child will be introduced to porn is thirteen years old. And it's estimated that 90% of children between the ages of 8-16 have already watched porn online.

Current culture would have everyone believe porn isn't harmful. That is until you unearth the damage it does to the brain by rewiring it into a self-destructing time bomb.

In 2016 Barna Group conducted a survey to gauge perceptions about porn and found:

  • Only 54% of porn users believe sexual acts that may be forced or painful are always wrong.
  • Only 44% of porn users believe someone being depicted in a demeaning way is always wrong.
  • About half (54%) of daily porn users say porn featuring teens is wrong.

If that isn't concerning, on November 18, 2004, Dr. Judith Reisman, Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, Dr. Mary Anne Layden, and Dr. James B. Weaver were called to be witnesses before a U.S. Senate subcommittee on pornography. They commented on the health effects of porn and had this to say:

“The findings of numerous studies suggest that pornography consumption promotes sexual deviancy, sexual perpetration, and adverse sexual attitudes.” - Dr. James B. Weaver
“In men, prolonged exposure to pornography creates and enhances sexual callousness toward women ... Prolonged exposure to pornography, it must be remembered, results in both a loss of respect for female sexual autonomy and the disinhibition of men in the expression of aggression against women.” -  Dr. James B. Weaver
“Pornography, by its very nature, is an equal opportunity toxin. It damages the viewer, the performer, and the spouses and the children of the viewers and the performers. It is toxic miseducation about sex and relationships. It is more toxic the more you consume, the ‘harder’ the variety you consume and the younger and more vulnerable the consumer.”  – Dr. Mary Anne Layden

You may be wondering how this happens and if there's anything to substantiate these claims.

In 2014, in a study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, 64 healthy male adults, all with a wide range of pornography consumption, reported hours of porn consumption per week. Grey matter volume in the brains of each subject were then measured using MRI technology. Researchers found a significant negative correlation: the more hours of pornography consumed, the smaller volume of grey matter in the right caudate, and the less functional connectivity between the striatum and the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Researchers hypothesize that because of the intense stimulation of the brain’s reward system through pornography, the brain’s grey matter erodes, similar to the changes observed in some drug addictions.

The point is, porn erodes the brain. I haven't even touched on the issue of child sex trafficking or how porn destroys the family. But the takeaway is this, porn is easily accessed by children which is creating a society of deviant, dopamine addicts who are sexually callous towards the opposite sex. It is abusing and destroying the lives of children. Not only are children not protected from porn, they're being encouraged towards it by a perverted culture that is seeking to sexualize them. This is woefully apparent when you take note of what the transgender community is impressing upon children.

There was a time when adults identified as trans and kept it to themselves. In fact in 1999 a co-worker of mine was part of the transgender community -a biological man identifying as a woman. There were no pushes for acceptance and yet he was treated like everyone else on the job. Transgenderism isn't new. However, what is new is the effort to push this ideology onto kids. Children -who are woefully immature and still in development- are being forced into accepting the idea of absent or fluid biological gender identification. They're being indoctrinated to ignore what their eyes and conscience tells them, as well as "the science".

There's plenty of videos to be found on the internet that showcase trans adults performing sexualized shows in front of children.  Despite admitting drag shows are often hyper sexualized, many who support drag shows don't see a problem with performances that take place in front of children. Performing sexualized acts in front of children has always been deemed borderline criminal in what used to be a normal society. However, because these shows are put on by adults dressed in drag, apparently that makes it OK now. Trans identification acts as a protective cover for sexualizing children. This is an example of demonic deception.

The point is that children are being sexualized and groomed. And the objective of the demonic forces within the supernatural realm are to groom children into thinking this way of life is normal. And as they hit adulthood, it will be and the cycle repeats. What is unconscionable is that adults are doing this to children. Adults with fetishes for children. These children are being abused and their lives sacrificed for the perceived greater good of society. Our modern day society is willing to bet with their lives by allowing itself to be influenced by demonic forces.

Seeing Patterns

In a society that is so hell-bent on the future it becomes almost impossible to see the past. We live in a time that is repeating the sins of the past while lacking knowledge of the cosmos. Our current society isn't familiar with the advent of sexual depravity that almost led the human race into extinction. Yes, extinction. This is what the flood event was really about. I created a video on this very topic a while back. Sexual depravity was the catalyst for the flood.

God's design and decree for humanity is to be fruitful and multiply. Children are the necessary, valuable instruments of God that enable the human race to persist. Modern day society has devalued children in pursuit of what it deems as prosperity and freedom. In general, children are no longer protected physically, mentally or spiritually. They are almost inconsequential to a society eager to push forward towards a greater global prosperity.

While things may look different in our time they are precisely the same as our ancient past. Our technology is different and so are our temples. But the gods are not. The theme of rejecting Yahweh to serve other gods so we may live prosperous in our own way is consistent with how those in the ancient near east lived. But to obtain such a goal requires sacrifice. It always has. And the payment is the most precious thing to a society... its children which are its future.

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